Private Class!
A collector of mine contacted me about doing a private class for her employees. She has them in town for a retreat, doing lots of events and team-building fun stuff. We decided to a simple “Sip and Paint” kind of class, based on the word HOME. She wants her team to feel at home, while they are away from home, and I love that idea. I will be providing all the canvases and paints, and letters for the painting. All these ladies need to do is follow me on some simple steps to create their own original piece of artwork!

Red Love

Commissioned painting

We will create a painting similar to the above painting where I have spelled out LOVE. The LOVE painting was a special commission for her very feminine and very cozy “Love Shack”. These gals in this class will have a ball sipping on some wine and slinging some paint!
November 15, 2017, held at The Wilds in Bend, Oregon

Well, well, well. It seems I just can’t quite stay away from teaching and sharing! I am planning a creativity class at this wonderful new location I’ve just discovered, called Loloma Lodge. For this summer, I am planning a creativity retreat for one weekend. I want to do some creativity exercises to get the juices flowing, and an activity to figure out what colors draw you in. I want to spend a little time exploring nearby waterfalls with an easy hike, and treat ourselves to a warm spring, where we can enjoy some relaxation and a mineral bath. Between all of this, I would love to share some of my painting techniques, where there is no pressure to create a masterpiece! We would just let the energy flow, try some different marks and movements with our tools, and see where the moment takes us.

supplies for retreat, workshopWill you come join me? I’d love to take two days, to do a little personal time with you! I feel like sometimes we need permission to get out of our routine and take time for ourselves, and it is so necessary to do just this. Touch your creativity and do it with nature, color and water. The Loloma Lodge is on the McKenzie River, which if you don’t know, is just unbelievably beautiful. The raw power of it during this recent snowmelt has just blown me away. There is something about lodges and cabins that make you feel so relaxed and at one with nature. I’ve always loved them since being a child, and I’m sure you will too. By the end of this experience you’ll be looking into prefab cabins and having one installed in your own yard to give you that outdoor adventure experience all year around, trust me.

This class is completely open to anyone who wants to join us. No art experience needed! We are going to use some preliminary exercises to create some artwork, but really, it’s just about touching your creativity and taking some time for yourself! Dip your toes into creativity through paint and mixed media, and into the chilly McKenzie River during our breaks!

work in process, carving lino for the art retreat

carving in process! With wine nearby (a must)

In this 2 day retreat, you’ll learn simple tips and techniques to help you explore your creativity, develop style and your personal icons, and learn to LET GO. That means we’ll be drawing, carving, painting, and making marks with different tools, and we will use these exercises to create a final piece on a canvas that you can take home with you. We will go through these steps together to create a piece of art that is all about YOU. Abstracts tend to work beautifully in this technique, so that you don’t spend so much time on capturing your subject; this way you spend your time noticing your emotions and and just having fun. But! You can incorporate any subject or focus you want into your artwork! It does not have to be abstract. I will probably just let nature inspire me, and I may want to include some flowers, for example, in my painting.

Drop me a line, if you are interested. Class size is limited to no more than 10 students!

July 29th and 30th, 2017, Loloma Lodge, Oregon
10-4 pm Saturday and Sunday

Class price: $175, not including lodging
This is a crazy low price! There will be other retreats in the future, but not at this low rate. I’m offering this as a one-time-only price, because I want people to see how amazing Loloma Lodge is and to just share some fun. One thing is for sure – it will be an amazing weekend, and there will be more retreats in our future together!
To register, email me at or reach out to me on social media. Payment can accepted through Paypal, or the Cash app, if you have that, or the regular ol’ check. Registration will close on July 22nd, so that I can properly prepare for our amazing weekend! BUT – don’t wait until that time, because this class (and the awesome lodging) will fill up way before that!

*UPDATE May 26, 2017: Lodging is already filling up! I’ve booked my cabin and you need to do the same! If you can’t get a private cabin, other options are sharing a cabin with someone, camping ($35 per night, in a tent or a trailer), booking a cabin at another lodge down the road (there are a few, Belknap being one of them), or you can drive in each day, if you don’t want to stay the weekend.

beautiful trees at loloma lodge, art retreat location, mckenzie river*email Loloma, if you are interested in overnight lodging/camping. That’s what I will be doing! I want to immerse myself in that beautiful environment! Be sure to tell them that you are signing up for my class – there may be a small discount 🙂 They have the cutest little cabins on the property – consider sharing a cabin with another student – who knows, you may just end up with a new friend! I cannot wait to spend some time in this scenery!

*supplies for the class will be provided! If you have favorite art supplies that you want to bring, feel free! I will have some items on hand that we can all share and use, but if you like to use special supplies, you are more than welcome to bring those to class! (suggested items: colored pencils, favorite acrylic colors, favorite brushes or scrapers, old colorful magazines (hint, hint), stamps, stencils, whatever!)

I am planning to host a meet and greet on Friday evening at 7:00 with some wine and little treats. This is just a chance to say hi and meet the others. Then we start on Saturday morning at 10:00 am with welcome packets (a $50 value!) and nothing but fun and creativity for all. After class ends on Saturday afternoon, there will be an optional field trip to the nearby hot springs. A mineral soak is just the way to finish up a day after stretching our creative muscles.

paint drips on canvas for our workshop

starting layers on a panel

Saturday dinner can be a group meal, cooked in my cabin, right on the river. We should plan to cook, eat and share our dinner- AND our stories! (Plan on bringing your food for the weekend; not much in the way of a grocery store nearby).

Sunday morning will begin with an early continental breakfast provided by Loloma Lodge, starting around 8:30. Then we will start our day by stretching our bodies a little bit, and diving into another creative exploration. Lunch will be an optional hike with a sack lunch, and then back to the classroom for some color and painting fun! The class will end at 4:00 or so, and with hugs all around.

I am really and truly, looking forward to sharing a creative weekend with you!


Hanging Planters for Succulents
March 1 – March 15, 2016
Tuesday nights, 6:00-8:30 pm
The Wilds, Bend, Oregon – email me to register!

Cost of class: $135, all materials included

Come join us as we get the jump on spring and make hanging planters for succulents out of clay! This is a three-week class, and at the end you will have 2-4 completed small planters, and at the last class we will assemble our planters with soil and succulents. All materials provided, just bring yourself and prepare to get your hands dirty! Each student will receive 3 plants with the class.

*Maximum class size is 10 students, so register now!


“Guardians and Our Personal Stories”, September 2016, The Bascom, Highlands, NC – follow the link to register

“Selfies in Clay, with Glazing Bonus,” End of September 2015, The Bascom, Highlands, NC. OH boy – did we have FUN!
bascom class, 2015

September 2014, Human/Animal Hybrids in Clay, The Bascom, Highlands, NC – all done!

Class photo at the Bascom 2014

my demo piece for the class

my demo piece for the class

Guest Artist, East Tennessee State University, September 2014all done!

So surprised to see this on the chalkboard at ETSU

So surprised to see this on the chalkboard at ETSU

demo piece for the students

demo piece for the students

April 12-13, 2014 Studio Workshop, all done – it was awesome!!

Clay Sculpture
Human/Animal Hybrids:
Sculpting with Solid Forms in Clay

*Early registration will close March 20th (first day of spring!)*

To register: simply email me on my contact page with your request. Be sure to register early and take advantage of the early bird discount. Make sure to get your payment in too, as that is the best way to secure your spot! (check or credit card is fine)

Workshop Information: A two-day clay workshop that will be a fun experiment in trying out new narrative clay forms and technique in a relaxing environment in my personal studio on John’s Island, SC. We will be building sculptures with clay coils and solid forms, which we will then hollow out for the firing. Prior experience with clay is helpful, but not necessary.

Ideas will be discussed about how to blend human and animal characteristics. You may find it helpful to bring reference photos or drawings of a particular animal or of animal body parts that could be useful in your sculptures, or you can just play with the clay and see what happens! 🙂

The workshop will run from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Saturday and Sunday. There is a limit of 4 students, so that each student can receive personal instruction and have room to work comfortably in my studio. Plan on a little time for breaks and stretching! Creating sculpture makes the shoulders tense if you don’t relax from time to time.

LUNCH- bring your own! I’ll also have munchies available, and snacks are always welcome in the studio. Water will be provided, but feel free to bring other “beverages”, if you prefer. There is a small refrigerator for our items.

*Must love dogs! I have three dogs, who regularly hang out with me in the studio. A water bowl and a dog bed are permanent features in my studio.

We will be building one main sculpture and hopefully two smaller wall-hanging sculptures. The focus of the class will be on construction techniques, with information given as to firing and glazing. Information will also be given on cold finishes (paints and other non-fired finishes), in the event that students are unable to glaze fire their pieces. Bisque firing will be available for students, as an option, for those who do not have access to a kiln, or wet sculptures may be taken home at the end of the workshop.

Each student will receive one bag of clay for the weekend, with an option to purchase more, if desired. Highwater Raku clay will be used.

Suggested tools: (And I have extras, in case you forget or don’t have something)

  • Spray bottle
  • A few paintbrushes of various sizes
  • Objects to use in texturing ie, rocks, Velcro, stamps, texture mats, mesh, kitchen utensils, cabinet knobs, anything you can think of (even the sole of some shoes!)
  • Bats or boards
  • Banding wheel or lazy susan
  • Clay paddle
  • Rasp (Surform)
  • Rubber ribs and metal scrapers
  • Fettling knife
  • Plastic for covering your works
  • Foam, bubblewrap, and/or towels
  • Box to assist with transporting sculptures post-workshop

Be sure to label your tools, if you have your own! We always end up sharing and swapping, so labeling is good.

Come join us! It will be a fun weekend. I can’t wait to share my studio with you. I live in a rural area on a dirt road and we have all kinds of privacy out here. April is my favorite time of the year as so many things are starting to really flower!