TedX Totems

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Not too long ago, a lovely friend of mine, forwarded this email to me.  It was a Call for Art for the local version of the TedX conference.  They wanted to get totems made to use on stage during the conference.  Totems?  You got it!  I haven’t done a ceramic totem – in about 8 […]

500 Figures in Clay, Volume 2 is out!

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500 Figures in Clay, Volume 2 is out!

This is HUGE news for me!  I am totally excited about this- My THINKING CAP sculpture has been included in the Volume 2 issue of 500 Figures in Clay!! (She’s on page 32). Now, for you folks not in the clay world, Lark Books puts out really nice, very popular books.  They do 500 Teapots and […]