(Speaking of a painting the client purchased)
“She is gorgeous, and she speaks to my soul.  I have been sitting here in my messy living room, taking her in.  ……Thank you soooo much for your creativity.  And please call your mom, and thank her for encouraging you to be yourself, and follow your passion in life.”


“Hey Kelly,
I have to say that your artistry and vision has simply taken my breath away.  I love looking at artists’ work and am often really delighted.  But coming across your work was one of those magical moments of true treasure discovery.  And I feel that way each time I look at your work.  Thank you for sharing your talent and soaring imagination with the world!”

“Dear Kelly,
This note is long overdue and life got busy… I won one of your pieces as a door prize and I love it!!  You’re very talented and I thank you!
All the Best,

“Hi Kelly,
I received the bird house sculpture today and it’s already on my wall.  I Love Love LOVE it so much.  So many details, wispy little things that look like patterns made from bird wings on windows or in the snow.  My son thinks it looks like the bird made a house out of a pine cone.  Thank you so much! I will definitely want to purchase more art in the future.

Your little birdie arrived yesterday, safe and sound – and I love it so much!!! It actually is more beautiful than I had expected. I thoroughly love the expression of the little bird. How wonderful that you wrote “trust in yourself” on the side, that is exactly the right thing! This is so precious, and as soon as my studio will be complete it gets a very special place, somewhere that I can see it all the time.

Kelly, I can’t tell you how happy I am and how much I feel touched by this. The bird is wonderful, your craftsmanship is awesome.