Not too long ago, a lovely friend of mine, forwarded this email to me.  It was a Call for Art for the local version of the TedX conference.  They wanted to get totems made to use on stage during the conference.  Totems?  You got it!  I haven’t done a ceramic totem – in about 8 years.  And even then it was just for fun.  Even though this was a total donation to the TedX program, I was excited to work on it.  They are going to auction off the totems to raise money for an artist-in-residence program that they want to initiate.   I am all for artists supporting artists!  And to have a chance to make something totally different than what I normally make – it was a win/win situation.

I wanted to go with a more traditional totem- stacked up elements that lend itself to the narrative, which is what I always love.  The Story is so much of what makes it special to me!  Have you guys ever made a totem? I love that all the totems at the conference are all SO DIFFERENT.  The theme of Us Humans is broad enough that there was so much room to interpret! so much fun –

OH, and yes, there is a base.  Can you see it at the bottom?  It’s just painted a flat black paint that blended with the backdrop during the photo session.