Well, I wondered if I was done with this, these posts, but I was inspired to write tonight!  I don’t quite know where to begin, so sometimes, as with any creative project, you just have to START.

My creative world is super busy right now!  I’ve been painting more, and it’s been going well.  I’ve recently had 3 or 4 group shows just back to back with my paintings, and it’s all been in the pacific northwest.  I’m excited to be gaining experience in this market!  Here’s a new piece that I love.  She’s softer than some of my other gals, and I love those lips.  Oh my!


Her title is Orphic, which means “mysterious and entrancing; beyond ordinary understanding”.  I think that fits her!

And sculpture – been busy with that too!  I am currently working on a collaboration with another artist from here in Bend.  Together we are creating a piece for the World Muse conference, based here in Bend.  We aren’t ready to show photos yet, but think FEATHERS and PAPER and FEMALE.  My kind of sculpture 🙂