How this desire to Sculpt came about
Carmen, stoneware clay

one of my first figurative pieces, made from stoneware clay

Some of you may already know this, but I didn’t go to art school.  Not really.  My degree is in Interior Design, so it was a creative degree, but it’s not ART SCHOOL.  I got most of my training in clay through workshops, videos, trial and error, and reading every article and book I could get my hands on.  It’s not such a bad way to get your education, and in many ways can be advantageous.  It was about 8 years ago that I became aware of a french sculptor, by the name of Philippe Faraut. (and you ladies who took my workshop in March may remember me talking about this guy).  I think I saw an ad for his teaching materials in one of my clay magazines, and so I looked him up online.  I was FLOORED by his work.  He has such a command of the clay, and can create any type of person – male or female, of amy age or race.  He also does forensic sculpting, which I think is super duper totally amazing,  So anyway, I ordered one of his books and one of his videos and the love affair began.

When I received his book and video, I immediately sat down to watch it. (This was before I had children, lol).  When the video was over, I headed out to my studio and created one of my first figurative sculptures.  It turned out not too shabby!  I toyed with sculpture off and on for several years, as the urge to make a face would surface over and over, even though I was still making functional pottery for my customers.

Fast forward 8 years, and now I’m only doing my sculpture, no more functional pottery.  One day earlier this year, I was in the studio, working, and I got frustrated.  I had reworked a face a couple of times and I was just not liking it!   Sometimes that just happens, I know, but in a fit of frustration, I put myself on a waitlist for one of Philippe Faraut’s workshops, thinking What The Heck, I’ll never get in, but you never know.  And then about a month ago, I got an email that there was space for me in the class!  WooHoo!  Now the sculpture that gave me so much trouble is all done, but this was a major chance for me to study with an artist whom I had admired for years!!  You better believe that I was going to attend that workshop!!

And it’s here – I leave on Thursday for Rochester, NY, where I’m headed to his studio for three days to study portrait sculpture.  I’m nervous and excited and I cannot wait!  It will be so much fun to study with an artist that I’ve admired for so long.  And I enjoy workshops too.  There’s always a great energy in the studio; people creating, working hard, learning and supporting each other.  It’s normally such a fantastic time.

What’s your favorite workshop or class that you’ve ever been to and why was it your favorite? Was it the small, intimate class size, or the amount of productivity involved, or the dynamics of the teacher?